2016 Fishing Season Summary             

Firstly, thank you to all our clients for your interest, support, bookings and feedback in 2016.

We were once again blessed with a very good head of fish in the rivers at Warden and mainly favourable conditions throughout much of the season and in particular the summer months.  The first half of September saw more challenging conditions, as a warm spell of weather often saw river temperatures rise to between 17.5C and 19C.

Overall, 2016 catches were up at 253 salmon (2015 - 95) and 102 sea trout (2015 - 93). We recorded our best season to date for the number of salmon caught and set a new record for the number of salmon caught during July and August, with the sea trout season being our second best on record with some exceptional fish caught.

The size of salmon landed at Warden varied between 2lb (extremely small for the Tyne) and 28lb with the average weight of a salmon being 11lb. The sea trout catch comprised fish between 1lb (unusually small for the Tyne) and 14lb, the average weight being 4lb.
Overall the river benefited from a few floods and numerous small freshets and Kielder releases during the season that helped keep the silver tourists on the move allowing catches to be reasonably consistent. One of the basic equations in Salmon fishing seems to be that if you get the water you catch the fish! 

The new Fish Pass at Hexham seems to have had a positive effect, as fish were able to ascend the weir at Hexham during lower river flows. Proof of this is reflected in an improvement in the catches that were made on the lower North and South Tyne rivers at Warden.
The fish counter at Riding Mill
This has now been in operation for 20 years and recorded 32,661 Salmon and Sea Trout to the end of October (8286 down on last season’s total of 40,947), but 4% up on the 5 year average. The monthly counts were as follows – Note in particular June and July and the monthly % change

2016       Counts       5 year average        % change

June         7113                  2851                     + 149 %

July           9919                  6461                     + 53 %

August      5463                  6661                     ( 18 % )

Sept         3624                   7364                     ( 50 % )

October    5550                  6755                     ( 18 % )

Charity and Publicity

We hosted the Pink Linda Charity event on 3rd and 4th October in aid of The Next Generation Project and North East Air Ambulance, catching 5 Salmon and 3 Sea trout and raising 1600

James Stokoe, who won the 2015 BBC World’s Wildest Waters Big Fish fishing competition, is a Warden local and has been made an Angling Trust Ambassador, which filmed James with Andrew at Warden helping 2 young fishermen catch their first (and second!) salmon.

James was also filmed at Warden teaching Keeley Donovan (BBC) for the Countryfile diaries, shown on BBC1 at 9.15 on 25th October.