Booking Conditions

  1. Once you have booked you may not be able to change your dates or number of rods.
  2. If you need to amend the rod days or dates that have been booked, please contact the Fishery Manager to ascertain if it is possible to alter the booking. If you need less rods or days, or decide not to come after all, then we can try to relet them for you, but cannot guarantee to do so. There is a £10 charge for trying and if successful a further 10% letting fee.
  3. You cannot sublet the fishings you book without our permission and then only by private arrangement and at the same prices and conditions as for this booking. No agent other than ourselves or the Fishery Manager may be used to help obtain a sublet.
  4. Rods may not be shared on any one day without prior permission of the Fishery Manager, which is often refused and should never be relied upon.
  5. Fishing Permit. You must carry one copy on you when you fish and leave a second copy on the dashboard of your car.
  6. Please note that in line with general practice, we cannot give refunds for fishing spoilt by inclement weather or poor water conditions.
  7. Warden Fishing is pleased to endorse CAST – Conservation Angling for Salmon on the Tyne. Following the introduction of the Environment Agency’s Salmon Conservation Byelaws 2019 this new Code of Conduct and guidelines has been created to update and replace the previous Tyne ‘Voluntary Code of Conduct’ for anglers on the Tyne.
  8. You must ring the Fishery Manager (07506 978 093) or other contact set by the fishery, at least two days before you come, so he knows that you are coming and that you know where and when to meet him. If you’ve appreciated the help and advice of the Fishery Manager or Ghillie then at your discretion expressing your gratitude with a thank you and a tip is much valued.
  9. You must report promptly full details daily of any fish caught to the Fishery Manager by call email or text.
  10. We strongly advise you to use a wading stick and to wear a lifejacket or buoyancy aid when using a boat or when wading in strong or deep water. If you choose not to, you are doing so at your own risk.
  11. If you have any problems with the standard of service provided, please tell the Fishery Manager straightaway.
  12. Warden Fishing reserves the right to immediately withdraw fishing without compensation from anyone who breaks these or associated conditions, or flouts normal standards of behaviour or fishing etiquette.
  13. Dogs may accompany rods, but must be kept under close control at all times and the owners or Fishery Manager reserve the right to restrict any dog from the river.

Northumbrian Byelaws for River Tyne – Warden Fishing Beats

  • Close season – The close season for salmon is from 1 November to 31 January inclusive.
  • The close season for sea trout is from 1 November to 2 April inclusive.
  • The close season for all non-migratory trout on rivers, streams, drains and canals, and for brown trout on all waters is from 1 October to 21 March inclusive.