Terms & Conditions

  1. Environment Agency guidelines on catch and release to be observed and all rods must obtain and carry a valid Environment Agency Licence.
  2. All rods must ensure that they hold suitable third party insurance cover to indemnify them in the event of any competent claim being made against them during their period of fishing.
  3. All rods should observe the Country Code at all times; no fires to be lit, no litter shall be left in or around the fishing huts or banks and all gates shall be closed or locked (as applicable).All damage to fences, fields, crops, river banks must be made good and compensation paid if required.
  4. Warden Fishing is pleased to endorse CAST – Conservation Angling for Salmon on the Tyne. Following the introduction of the Environment Agency’s Salmon Conservation Byelaws 2019 this new Code of Conduct and guidelines has been created to update and replace the previous Tyne ‘Voluntary Code of Conduct for anglers’ on the Tyne.
  5. Day Rods shall ensure that all fish caught (whether returned to the river or not) are reported to the owners within 48 hours of the date of fishing, and, if applicable, recorded in the Fishing book.
  6. Warden Fishing is divided into 4 beats, as listed in the Fishing description, and beats 1 & 2 will change over at 1.30pm and likewise beats 3 & 4 will change over at 1.30pm.
  7. Day Rods are responsible for ensuring that they and their guests are familiar with upper and lower limits of each Beat and will at all time fish within those limits.
  8. Fishing is to be by fly or spinning only.
  9. All Rods and their guests must fish in a sportsmanlike manner at all times and due consideration must be shown to other anglers – Never start fishing a pool downstream of any angler who is already fishing that pool; go upstream and fish behind the first angler. To ensure that progression is maintained, take a step between casts. Wade only up to the middle of the river and do not cast back towards your own bank, unless permitted to fish from both banks. Generally exercise common sense and respect for all.
  10. Health and Safety guidance statement must be read and observed. In the event of an accident, Day Rods must immediately submit written details to the owners.
  11. Rod sharing will be permissible only at the discretion of the owners and only one rod may be fully assembled at any one time.
  12. All fish caught by rod and line by authorised persons shall remain the property of the Day Rod if not released.
  13. Wading sticks must always be used and it is recommended that an ABS approved flotation jacket should be worn; remember, both the North and South Tynes can rise quite quickly.
  14. Dogs may accompany rods, but must be kept under close control at all times and the owners reserve the right to ban any dog from the river.
  15. Fishing Huts and shelters are to be used as lunch huts only.
  16. Day Rods and their guests must exercise due care and attention in driving vehicles over access roads and tracks leading to the riverside and cars may only be parked in designated car parking areas; Day Rods will use all stiles, crossing places, access routes, parking spaces and paths at their own risk and no responsibility will be accepted by the owners for any loss, damage, accident or injury which may be sustained and which may be due to use of the foregoing facilities.
  17. Day Rods should display one copy of their permit to fish on the dashboard of their car and carry a second copy of the permit with them for identification purposes.